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Joe Mathis (Broker/Realtor)

Joe Mathis
919-868-2611 (Mobile)
919-772-1313 (Office)
I've been in the real estate business for over 22 years! That's crazy to think about in today's world of constant change and switching jobs, but I found a career and business that I remain passionate about to this day. In that time I've helped hundreds of families find their dream home, sell their dream home for their new dream home, and relocate families all over the country.

On the personal side, I'm a Raleigh transplant having originally grown up in Baltimore, Maryland where I met my beautiful wife and business partner, Doreen! We have three kids (all "adults" now) who all still reside in the great city of Raleigh. I like any type of sport (baseball being my first love, go Orioles!) and since I now live in the Triangle I participate in the vaunted activity of loving one local college basketball team while despising the other two (I won't say who, you'll have to ask me to find out!)

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